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Like most women, Tekoa Pouerie wears many hats. An experienced Senior Manager, Fundraiser, and Community Influencer; she has spent her entire career in the Nonprofit industry fundraising and advocating for communities and families in need. Tekoa has worked at multiple nonprofits as both an Executive Director and Chief Development Officer.  Dedicated to meaningful work, she is currently the Director of Center Advancement for a nonprofit that advocates for girls and young women nationwide.  She is also an Associate with the National Criminal Justice Training Center at Fox Valley – where she educates community leaders on Implicit/Explicit Bias.

For over a decade, Tekoa researched Disproportionate Minority Contact and was awarded multiple grants from the Department of Juvenile Justice (D.J.J.) to train Law Enforcement, Judges, and Youth Program Providers.  As a result of her work equipping communities, she received two Congressional Recognitions and a Sheriff Citation Medal.  Appointed by former D.J.J. Secretary Wansley Walters to the Circuit 9 Advisory Board, she currently serves as Chairwoman.  Additionally, in 2019, she was appointed to the Mayor of Orlando's Community Investment Panel and the Orange County Domestic Violence Commission.


Tekoa is passionate about empowering women.  She takes bold strides to ensure her work is cultivating other women to make their work meaningful. The insight she gives and the commitment she displays are the catalysts for change.

Ordained in ministry at the age of 16, Tekoa has been committed to exemplifying Christ in her career.  Feeling an even greater call to help equip people spiritually to go further faster; Tekoa and her husband, Dio Pouerie launched Acceleration Church in Orlando, FL in 2016.  Each year Tekoa hosts Ladies Night O.U.T. that attracts women of faith throughout the U.S. for a night of fun, fellowship, and expressions of faith.

Losing her parents while in her teens, Tekoa is devoted to making family her first ministry.  Tekoa, together with her husband, Dio are rearing two beautiful, future world leaders; Maximus (7) and Bella (5).  Of all these “hats”, Tekoa’s most admired is motherhood.


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